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Is Lithuania a Beautiful Country to Visit?

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Lithuania is the first country in the Soviet Republic to leave the USSR in 1990 and from that point forward has been attempting to restore itself in its own privilege. There are numerous relics of the Soviet time frame, for example, dugouts and galleries, yet you will likewise locate significantly more in this nation including excellent holy places, religious communities, and castles. So if you’re asking whether it is a beautiful country to visit – the answer is a bold yes! Here are some activities that you must try when in Lithuania.

Meander around Vilnius Old Town 

Vilnius Old Town is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and sits at where two of Lithuania’s fundamental waterways unite. It is known for being one of the exceptional middle age towns in Europe because of its incredibly very much protected structures, and exhibits design in the Gothic, Renaissance, and Neo-Classical styles. 

Travel to Trakai 

Trakai is a lake resort and verifiably significant city that sits near Vilnius and makes a pleasant roadtrip in the event that you are hoping to escape town. Trakai dates from the thirteenth century and is additionally the home of the Trakai Historical National Park that dates from 1991. One of the principle sights in the city is the Island Castle which is additionally the host of the Trakai Castle Festival and the whole town is encircled by pretty water. 

Explore the Devil’s Museum 

The Devil’s Museum is found in Kaunas and as you would anticipate from the name it has an enormous assortment of fine art that delineate pictures of the fiend, witches, and a scope of other underhanded legendary animals. You will discover more than 3,000 distinct pieces here and guests can even give things to the assortment. 

Visit St. Anne’s Church 

St. Anne’s Church in Vilnius is probably the prettiest structure in Lithuania and is comprised of pleasant block pinnacles and rose windows. The towers date from 1501 and were structured in the Gothic style and inside the congregation you will discover high roofs just as cut seats. 

Visit the Money Museum 

The Money Museum is suitably situated on the previous site of the Bank of Lithuania and will take you on an excursion to discover about Lithuanian litas. 

Just as the money of Lithuania you can likewise get some answers concerning other world monetary standards and a significant part of the gallery is intuitive to permit you to get hands-on.

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